Musician for over 20 years (vocals, guitar, keys, songwriting)

2016 Bachelor Of Science: Digital media

2020 Master Of Science: Media informatics

Music and computer science  

How does that fit together?

In my work I combine my passion as a musician with the specialist knowledge of my extensive education in the areas of computer science, design and digital media.

Music as a hobby, as well as a constant interest in new technology, computers and more, shaped my childhood. While my passion for music initially accompanied me in the form of some band projects and various instrumental lessons, I also decided to study digital media after graduating from high school.

Here I was able to further deepen my interest in computer science, learned a lot about object-oriented programming, design, but on the other hand I was also able to incorporate the audio area (Mixing & Mastering) into my studies. This was also reflected in my bachelor thesis on audio mastering, which was completed in 2016.

In the course of a progressing career in the music business and the intensive work on the productions of my band "Oversense", I gained more experience in the area of song writing and audio production. Cooperation with the renowned gate studio in Wolfsburg was an important point here.

In my master's degree in media informatics, which I will complete in 2020, I was able to further deepen my specialist knowledge in all these areas.


Danny Meyer

Sonnenstraße 5, 97791 Obersinn


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